some of what i have done


· BS, Business Degree with a Major in Marketing

· Certified Facilitator Positive Coaching Alliance

· Advanced Facilitator Accreditation

· Member of the National Speakers Association

· Toastmasters DTM and Award Winning “Qualified Speaker"

· Dual Citizenship American/Canadian

· Fluently Bilingual in French and English

· Member of SAG/AFTRA, ACTRA



Emotional Intelligence, Customer Experience, Luxury Experience, The Importance of Communication, Branding, Team Building and Motivation,  Sales and Service Excellence, Behavior Assessment using DiSC,  "The Value of a Cents of Humor", "The Second-Act"...


- "Customer Service Excellence" new chic DREAM Hotels

- GENESIS, Stepping out to reach the new Luxury Client 

- Using new technology and iPads to elevate the Customer Experience 

- “Brand Pride” an in-market program, elevating the Customer Experience

- Launch the New NSX supercar and reaching this new Luxury Customer 

- MC and Lead facilitator for the Modern Luxury Customer BMW7 Series Launch

 - Trained the International Training Managers in South Korea on a new Global   initiative

- Judge for the “Masters Guild” in both Sales and Service

- Judge and MC for International Sales Champions Conference in Seoul, Korea

- Coaching Behavior Assessment and Improving Communication using DiSC

- Corporate Training: Team building, Customer Experience, Sales, Management Skills

- Facilitated “Luxury Experience” with Owners and Managers, a Process Change

- A National Brand Initiative - make it a “A Priority Experience” 

- Coached Corporate Values at National Headquarters 

- Re-Igniting the Brand,  The Journey Tour

- How-to-Present Product Knowledge Touring across North America

- Premium Brand Sales and Marketing Tours

- How-to-Present Product Knowledge Touring across North America

- Trained-the-Trainers for Luxury Automotive brands

- National Financial Services Rebranding Initiative: Executives and Upper Management 

- Senior Facilitator and Coach for Toyota National Tour “Driving Expectations”

- IDCT for Dealer Principal and Management on Merchandizing and Pay Plan

- Coaching on Presentation and Facilitation Technique

- “WHY BUY ” Sales and Delivery Process Training using E.I.

- Coaching Speakers 

- Yamaha National Meeting, Facilitated Client Experience for Owners and Managers



· TV and Film credits upon request

· WBT for Mercedes, Genesis, Audi A3, Honda…

· Preformed and Directed Presentation in a box 

· Technical Advisor for commercial Micro-series and 20 Web Episodes, on New Technology

· Host for “Lead Generation Program”

· Expert Product Comparison 

· Sales Process 

· Product Presentation 

· Created and Directed Video: “How to do a Proper Walk-Around using SPACED” 

· Yamaha University Programs - English and French 



DREAM Hotels - Toyota Financial Services - American Express - Air Canada - First Chicago Bank - Pepsi - Quaker Oats - Mercedes Benz - BMW - Jaguar Land Rover - Audi - Lexus - Infiniti - Acura - Volvo - Lincoln - Genesis - GM - Bentley - Ford - Mazda - Honda - Toyota -  Nissan - Hyundai - Kia and many others